Dassault Falcon 10

Our client came to us with the desire to refresh and modernize the interior of his Dassault Falcon 10. Interiorworks proposed addressing trim issues, replacing the dated carpet, and refreshing the leather seats.

 An originally installed cabinet had been removed to allow space for an additional seat, which left an awkward unfinished area, exposing the cabin door mechanism to the main cabin. InteriorWorks fabricated and installed a false bulkhead closeout to trim the area, which has the effect of hiding the door mechanism from view, as well as visually enlarging the cabin space. The existing 1970’s speckled and headache-inducing carpet was replaced with a solid-color wool carpet. All of the cabin’s leather was cleaned and conditioned.The work-scope for this project encompassed the replacement, rejuvenation, and addition of various components in the cabin.

The end result is a fresh, unified cabin that is both more functional and appealing.

Before–exposed door mechanism, un-trimmed cabin wall after a cabinet’s removal, poor quality carpet, tired leather:Falcon10 Before

After–A smooth trim panel enhances and visually enlarges the passenger cabin:Falcon 10 Door Mechanism Close Out Complete

After–Attention to detail in high-wear areas with reinforced carpeting:Falcon 10 Leather carpet edge

After–rejuvenated leather, new carpet:Falcon 10 Carpet Complete

After–new carpet, rejuvenated leather:Falcon 10 Carpet Complete 2


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