InteriorWorks by Aerometal International LLC is an Oregon based company offering specialized aircraft interior design, engineering, fabrication, and installation. InteriorWorks provides interior solutions for both modern and vintage aircraft, while conforming to the highest standards and regulations.

Our passion lies in creating aircraft interiors that positively reflect aircraft owners’ practical and aesthetic needs, from small detail finish work, to large scale full interior completions. We recognize that the enjoyment of a particular aircraft is easily degraded by a poorly designed interior; but greatly enhanced by a functional and appealing interior.

InteriorWorks by Aerometal International LLC is extensively experienced with full-scale interior restorations, engineering, and new fabrications; and we also regularly complete smaller projects to fine-tune clients’ aircraft.¬†We welcome the opportunity to consult with you regarding the future of your aircraft’s interior. Contact us via email at luke@flyaerometal.com, or call (503) 678-2266.

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