Citation 560

This Cessna Citation 560 came to InteriorWorks with its originally installed interior, which the customer generally liked. However, the carpet was a different and unfortunate story. Living in the Pacific NW and having a dog as an extra travel companion meant that the owners needed a new carpet that could hide fur, as well as withstand the weather and resultant dirty feet typical to our NW climate. InteriorWorks suggested a wool replacement carpet for its hardwearing quality, yet luxurious feel.

InteriorWorks accommodated these needs by suggesting a two color wool carpet with a looped pile. The two color blend assures the greatest camouflage of dog hair and dirt, while the looped pile prevents loose fuzz balls (normally associated with wool carpet) from forming. The updated carpet dramatically reduces the negative effects of weather and pet shedding, and lends the aircraft as a whole a more modern and clean feel—enhancing moods on those grey NW winter flights!

Before–dated, easily stained carpet that highlighted dog fur:CIT 560 before we started

In progress:CIT 560 In Progress

Progress–carpet installed:CIT 560 New Carpet empty cabin

After–new hard-wearing cabin carpet:CIT 560 New Carpet looking FwdCIT 560 Complete Looking Aft



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