Douglas DC-3 Carpet

This Douglas DC-3D model is under long-term management by Aerometal International LLC. Built in 1946 with spare parts after WWII’s end, she is a magnificent flying example of a corporate DC-3.

InteriorWorks was contracted to provide a carpet solution when, during flight, an errant pot of coffee destroyed the existing carpet just aft of the galley, necessitating the removal of the entire carpet. Previous to InteriorWorks’ involvement, the carpet was installed as a 34’ long single piece of carpet, running from the main cabin door (in the rear of the aircraft), forward to the galley.

InteriorWorks proposed to split the carpet into three components: one right inside the main cabin door, and the other two covering the two passenger seating areas.  To join these components into one visual piece of carpet, we fabricated two cap strips, upholstered them with carpet, and sank them into the carpet so that all the carpet is on one visual plane through the aircraft. We also recessed the hook and loop that holds the carpet to the aircraft floor into the carpet underlay, to eliminate several ridges that used to run the length of the cabin.

Completed carpet 2

Aero Commander, Take 2

InteriorWorks was contracted for further work for this Aero Commander Jet-Prop 1000B, after first completing the replacement of all carpeting, which can be seen here. The owner wanted the aircraft interior to project a swift/sporty/retro appearance, which we enthusiastically developed. InteriorWorks focused on updating the trim panels, curtains, and flight deck seats in order to achieve this goal.

InteriorWorks began by removing the existing floral print tone-on-tone trim panels and curtains. They were replaced with diamond quilted synthetic suede, using contrasting thread. The existing lavatory curtain was replaced with a 3 dimensional woven textile, which we specially treated to pass aircraft certifications. The flight deck seats were reconstructed using perforated leather that matched the new carpet. For a personalized touch, we digitized and custom embroidered an Aero Commander-branded item of the customer’s onto the leather of his flight deck seats.

The finished interior is sophisticated and cohesively “swift”–reflective of the owner’s energy and dynamism.

Before, with bland gray floral trim panels and curtains (visible to the left). Note that we experimented with a Pendleton Wool trim panel covering, but ultimately decided that the pattern was too bold for this interior:Commander 1000 Before

After–deep hued diamond quilted suede trim panels:Commander 1000 Sidewall Complete

After–deep hued trim panels, new lavatory curtain:Commander 1000 aft bulkhead compete

After–new flight deck seats with custom embroidered branding:Commander 1000 New Flt Deck Seats



Citation 560

This Cessna Citation 560 came to InteriorWorks with its originally installed interior, which the customer generally liked. However, the carpet was a different and unfortunate story. Living in the Pacific NW and having a dog as an extra travel companion meant that the owners needed a new carpet that could hide fur, as well as withstand the weather and resultant dirty feet typical to our NW climate. InteriorWorks suggested a wool replacement carpet for its hardwearing quality, yet luxurious feel.

InteriorWorks accommodated these needs by suggesting a two color wool carpet with a looped pile. The two color blend assures the greatest camouflage of dog hair and dirt, while the looped pile prevents loose fuzz balls (normally associated with wool carpet) from forming. The updated carpet dramatically reduces the negative effects of weather and pet shedding, and lends the aircraft as a whole a more modern and clean feel—enhancing moods on those grey NW winter flights!

Before–dated, easily stained carpet that highlighted dog fur:CIT 560 before we started

In progress:CIT 560 In Progress

Progress–carpet installed:CIT 560 New Carpet empty cabin

After–new hard-wearing cabin carpet:CIT 560 New Carpet looking FwdCIT 560 Complete Looking Aft



Aero Commander

Replacing the worn carpet was InteriorWorks’ first project with this Aero Commander Jet-Prop 1000B. We installed new carpet throughout the flight deck, passenger compartment, lavatory, and baggage compartment. We suggested a deeper hued carpet that is more masculine, hard-wearing, and complimentary to the evolving interior than its predecessor.

The Aero Commander’s owner was pleased to receive the aircraft back in service ahead of schedule and under budget. He later returned for more cabin updates with InteriorWorks–stay tuned for a later post detailing updates to the sidewalls, cabin textiles, and flight deck seats.

Before, with worn and bland carpet:Commander 1000 Before we started

After, with new carpet installation:Commander 1000 Complete Carpet 2Commander 1000 Complete Carpet




Legacy 600

InteriorWorks was contracted to facilitate more efficient cabin service in this Embraer Legacy 600. We proposed to design, engineer, construct, and install a cabinet with a set of drawers to transform the unused forward lavatory into a storage cabinet. We also fabricated and installed a waste disposal unit for added convenience. The forward galley space is now fully functional, allowing for the discreet storage of a large amount of service items.

Additionally, 14 wood accessories were designed, engineered, and constructed for placement throughout the cabinet to aid in the organization and convenience of the aircraft owners and staff. Each accessory features felt undersides so as not to slide during flight, or scratch table surfaces in the aircraft. These containers and accessories were all meticulously constructed to custom specifications, to provide a seamless look throughout the aircraft.

Construction of storage cabinet:Legacy 600 Cabinet Construction1Legacy 600 Cabinet Construction2

Storage cabinet installed:IMG_1585

Custom waste disposal:Legacy 600 new trash bin 2Legacy 600 new trash bin

Custom designed and fabricated wooden accessories–condiment organization with sliding drawer:Legacy 600 Salad Dressing

Tea caddy:Legacy 600 Tea Holder emptyLegacy 600 Tea Bags

DC-3 Cockpit Restoration

We had the pleasure of starting from scratch on the flight deck of this 1937 Douglas DC-3A model. She was delivered off the assembly line to Eastern Airlines by none other than Eddie Rickenbacker, and thus began her enduring service operating for many different airlines and private owners. She is one of the highest-time DC-3s in the world, with over 91,500 hours. Taxiing alone has taken her the equivalent of 10 times round the world. Accordingly, her flight deck was in need of attention by the time she landed with her current owner.

Accomplishing this task required the removal and replacement of all upholstery, side panels, carpet, headliner, and instrument panel. We designed and installed new leather and suede sidewalls and headliner, all diamond-stitched to lend a classic look. We also made new historically accurate genuine leather seat cushions. The instrument panel was replaced with a grey crinkle finish powder coat, which demonstrably enhances instrument visibility. Small details elevate the look, such as the brass trim strip retaining nuts below the windshield. The result is a refreshed and functional flight deck, which in turn enhances safety of flight.

In progress, with the new instrument panel, but old seats:DC-3a before we started

New leather seats:DC-3a New Seats

Complete flight deck view of the finished cockpit (weather strip with brass nuts, diamond-stitched headliner):121 Complete 1

121 Complete 2

Stay tuned for more InteriorWorks projects with this spectacular DC-3!

Grumman G-44 Widgeon

InteriorWorks had the honor of contributing to an extensive restoration of this 1943 Grumman G-44 Widgeon. The Widgeon G-44 is a twin engine amphibious aircraft, originally intended for the civil market. During WWII, it was used for small patrol by the US Navy, US Coast Guard, and the Royal Navy.

While undergoing complete mechanical and structural restoration by Aerometal International LLC (AMI), InteriorWorks designed and applied new paint with custom livery; and engineered and installed a new flightdeck instrument and overhead panel.

Before, undergoing mechanical and structural repairs by AMI:widgeon before

During–InteriorWorks rendering of proposed livery:9.1

After–Custom livery:Grumman Widgeon fresh paintGrumman Widgeon Glistening in the sun

After–new flight deck overhead instrument panel:Grumman Widgeon new interior and new panel

After–custom laser-cut speaker grill:Grumman Widgeon Custom Speaker Grill

 The finished result is a stunning example of a venerable WWII-era aircraft; fully air and seaworthy.

Austin Healey 3000

Healey 3.4 ExteriorThis gem of an Austin Healey 3000 is owned by one of our regular aircraft customers, and required an interior to match its spectacular exterior.

To achieve this, InteriorWorks proposed replacing the mismatched seat vinyls, curling and threadbare carpet, and cracked steering wheel. We performed extensive research to keep the restoration as historically accurate as possible–with the two requested deviations being the addition of a leather wrapped steering wheel, and the use of leather to replace the seat vinyl. The seat leather was cut on a grid with square perforation, to look like the original blue vinyl installation, and with the original-look silver piping. They were upholstered with a true “tuck and roll” technique, which looks exceptional, and also lends extra comfort to the driver and passengers.

New leather seats with tuck-and-roll upholstering:Interior Complete in the sun

Seat detail, leather wrapped steering wheel: Interior Complete Drivers seat

Back seat detail:Interior Complete back seat on the bench

Leather wrapped steering wheel:Healy Wheel

Dassault Falcon 10

Our client came to us with the desire to refresh and modernize the interior of his Dassault Falcon 10. Interiorworks proposed addressing trim issues, replacing the dated carpet, and refreshing the leather seats.

 An originally installed cabinet had been removed to allow space for an additional seat, which left an awkward unfinished area, exposing the cabin door mechanism to the main cabin. InteriorWorks fabricated and installed a false bulkhead closeout to trim the area, which has the effect of hiding the door mechanism from view, as well as visually enlarging the cabin space. The existing 1970’s speckled and headache-inducing carpet was replaced with a solid-color wool carpet. All of the cabin’s leather was cleaned and conditioned.The work-scope for this project encompassed the replacement, rejuvenation, and addition of various components in the cabin.

The end result is a fresh, unified cabin that is both more functional and appealing.

Before–exposed door mechanism, un-trimmed cabin wall after a cabinet’s removal, poor quality carpet, tired leather:Falcon10 Before

After–A smooth trim panel enhances and visually enlarges the passenger cabin:Falcon 10 Door Mechanism Close Out Complete

After–Attention to detail in high-wear areas with reinforced carpeting:Falcon 10 Leather carpet edge

After–rejuvenated leather, new carpet:Falcon 10 Carpet Complete

After–new carpet, rejuvenated leather:Falcon 10 Carpet Complete 2