Legacy 600

InteriorWorks was contracted to facilitate more efficient cabin service in this Embraer Legacy 600. We proposed to design, engineer, construct, and install a cabinet with a set of drawers to transform the unused forward lavatory into a storage cabinet. We also fabricated and installed a waste disposal unit for added convenience. The forward galley space is now fully functional, allowing for the discreet storage of a large amount of service items.

Additionally, 14 wood accessories were designed, engineered, and constructed for placement throughout the cabinet to aid in the organization and convenience of the aircraft owners and staff. Each accessory features felt undersides so as not to slide during flight, or scratch table surfaces in the aircraft. These containers and accessories were all meticulously constructed to custom specifications, to provide a seamless look throughout the aircraft.

Construction of storage cabinet:Legacy 600 Cabinet Construction1Legacy 600 Cabinet Construction2

Storage cabinet installed:IMG_1585

Custom waste disposal:Legacy 600 new trash bin 2Legacy 600 new trash bin

Custom designed and fabricated wooden accessories–condiment organization with sliding drawer:Legacy 600 Salad Dressing

Tea caddy:Legacy 600 Tea Holder emptyLegacy 600 Tea Bags

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